Whats the point? Why are we doing this?

 I was sick of buying natural products that did'nt work...so i decided to make one that did!

  As a mother of three lovely girls, I wanted to create a natural alternative to the regular toxin-filled products that line the shelves of every store. For me, deodorant was just the first step. Our products are all human tested for effectiveness and, most importantly, safety. (You can eat them, but don’t – they don’t taste good.)

My Story . . .

I grew up in Eastern Europe and my parents brought many of their old traditions with them when we immigrated to the States. Everything in our kitchen was not only sustenance, but medicine. Vodka, chicken soup, black tea, rose water. Pink eye? Black tea compress. Fever? Vinegar and water. Ear infection? Vodka doused cotton swab in your ear. As I became an adult and a mother, this idea of natural remedies has left a lasting impression upon me.

A few years ago, my very healthy , active friend, Cindy, was diagnosed with breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. In addition to her treatment plan, her doctor suggested she refrain from using antiperspirants. Granted, he said, there’s no proven link between antiperspirants and cancer, but using a pore-clogging, aluminum-based product that close to your lymph nodes can’t be good. I, too, had found a lump in my breast. It turned out to be benign, however, I decided I wasn’t touching antiperspirant either. Link or no link to breast cancer, I didn’t care. It just made sense. Cindy and I searched and tested natural alternatives, but none of the deodorants we tried lasted all day, or they didn’t work at all. I was wondering how many other women and men were going through the same predicament.

That’s why I created Freedom  – the natural deodorant that really works!

Be Healthy, Not Stinky!

Love and health,

~ Ira