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Amber ~ Travel

  • A warm, seductive blend of Ancient amber, blood orange and cedar wood. Perfect for the man in your life and even better when you "borrow" it from him.....
    Created for the man and strong enough for a woman.....

    A masculine and sexy scent that not only men will love, but the women + men in their lives will too
    Arrow Root
    - Increases circulation, good for the belly
    Baking Soda - Helps maintain healthy skin, antimicrobial, odor protector
    Kaolin Clay – Cleans and cares for skin, nourishes and soothes different skin types
    Coconut Oil - Long shelf life, great for skin
    Shea butter -  Magic for the skin
    Bees Wax - Works as a protectant and skin healer
    Blood Orange – Anti-inflammatory, treats headaches, anti-anxiety, aphrodisiac
    Amber – Detoxifying, boosts the immune system, and relieves allergies
    Virginian Cedarwood – Good for acne, arthritis, bronchitis and coughs, works as a stress relief

    Weight: .5oz

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